Our Mission

Delivering a high quality full service, integreting advice, training and coaching in order to support organisations in a sustainable way as enter and develop within both thee Belgian and the Indian market.

Our Story

We’re all connected to India trough India House Leuven. This fantastic organization connects Leuven MindGate with India on 4 different fields, academical, cultural, social and on the economic field.  Our CEO Geert Robberechts is the coördinator of India House Leuven. Patricia Schoolmeesters and Peter Van Biesbroeck were among the founders of India House Leuven.  In this regard we learned a lot of about Belgians wanting to do business in India.  We saw and learned about the enormous grow & market potential of a democratic country as big as a continent.

During our multiple visits to India we learned a lot about the many difficulties that companies meet when they want to entre the Indian market.  Experience proves that is nearly impossible for foreign companies to start and grow in India without a sustainable guidance.

Together with our Indian partner Girish Bhagat we worked out a full service model that provides a save and cost saving entry on the Indian market.  Delivering a full service to companies wanting to enter the new market exceeds the possibilities and the activities of India House Leuven, the city of Leuven and the chamber of commerce.

The 3 founding partners came together to search a solutions to support the companies and organizations in a sustainable and successful way.  We didn’t find any company able to provide the service that we think necessary for a successful entry in the Indian market.

This is why we decided to start up our own company. In such a way that together with our Indian partner Girish Bhagat, a leading consultant in finance and international business based in Mumbai,  we’re able to provide you a sustainable and proven business model for a succesfull entry into the India market.

Our Team


Geert Robberechts

+32 475 47 71 92


Patricia Schoolmeesters

Founding Partner
+32 473 33 75 11


Peter Van Biesbroeck

Founding Partner
+32 473 78 82 49



Partner in India
+91 9820 08 88 17

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