What we do

Market Research

You want to explore a new market. We deliver you an assessment of the macroeconomic environment across industry business segments and their distribution channels. We help you understanding the opportunities for placing your products in the Indian our Belgian market. We analyse the complexities of market structures and operational logistics you need to access a new market. If you need a study of the competitive environment and an identification of potential partners for a region in India our Belgium we can deliver this for you.

We deliver recommendations on product positioning (channels and price). We calculate for you the need of capital/financing requirements. The Indian market and the Belgian market have got different regulatory frameworks, trade tariffs, taxes, duties etc., we make an assessment of these frameworks for you. We give recommendations on entry channel options (direct entry or Joint Ventures or acquisitions). We deliver information on possible organization Structures. Preparation of comprehensive business plan with projected financials and cash flow statements


Business Plan & Budgets

Partner & Customer Profiling

We’re part of an important network as in India as in Belgium. These networks can give you informal due diligence through trade networks. We profile for you potential distribution partners, retail partners, B2B partners, and other potential institutional customers. We profile potential stakeholders, Joint venture partners and/or possible acquisition opportunities. Our local network can arrange legal advisory on various direct entry/partnership options

We ‘re able to provide assistance in negotiations at all levels. We can set up an Indian/Belgian subsidiary including all operational and legal documentations for your company.We offer assistance in site selection and purchase, recruitment of human resources. We can strategize your marketing plan, suggest participation in trade fairs and exhibitions. an with projected financials and cash flow statements


Pre Entry Implementation

India Project Implementation

We can take on your project Management, management ramp-up, including providing surrogate management support. We can assist your company with a planning strategy for customer acquisition and business development, Optimizing supply chain and product lines. Including preparation of budget and its monitoring, arranging for project and bank financing. Providing support for local certifications, securing licenses as well as securing Government and regulatory approvals.

We’re able to establish B2B and B2C distribution channels for your company. Establishing relationships with Supply chain and other stakeholders. Establishing relationships with Institutional (Sales) – public and private partners. During the implementation we can provide regulatory representation as well as deliver ongoing monitoring and reporting.


Post Implementation Support

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